Monday, July 04, 2005


Okay, this is only my fifth day of blogging, and it's already feeling like a "have-to." I think that's because I made the mistake of saying to my son, "I think I'll blog every day." So, periodically throughout the day, I hear, "Mom, have you blogged yet today?" Ugh. I can't lie, because he immediately goes to check to see if I've written anything about him.

Feeling the "have-to" makes blogging about as appealing to me as exercise.

Someone asked me yesterday why I was blogging. I told them that I was trying to reinvent myself now that I'm no longer a mother. The look in their eyes told me "Good luck with that."

I did indeed ask the child who led me to blogdom the questions below regarding how blogging should be performed. He was no help. He rambled about all the different approaches ad nauseum. I quit listening (but notice how I am increasing my Latin vocabulary).